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Our Sawmills

Our sawmills

Orasko runs its own sawmill Haadex at Utajärvi in Northern Finland. Our small log line is equipped with a chipper-canter and a circular saw. It produces filleries and small 2 exlog sizes, such as 30/32/38/44x75 /80/90/95/100, as well as custom sizes. The current annual production is 60 000 m3 of sawn timber.

Haadex Oy

Mustikkakankaantie 3
91600 Utajärvi

Orasko Timber

A new investment of Orasko for larger-size logs will start in November 2020. A heavy-duty chipper-canter circular saw line enables us to process logs from 16 cm up to 35 cm. The new line has an annual capacity of 140 000 m3 of sawn timber.
Our new production line is very flexible for special sizes.
Orasko is also investing in a new kiln-drying capacity in order to be able to dry the whole production of the sawmill.

Orasko Timber

Varastotie 4
91600 Utajärvi